"blint- its like bling, but skint"

HOTLUNCH- whats new pussycat?

Sept 21

"aw shit"

Finally updated the picture section. Got too much time and nervous energy currently, and probably for the next year or so- and the old one was bugging me so you can now see some of my old pictures. Basically- why would you click on "pictures" when you could go to "pictures with words" yeah. but sooner or later someones going to go- goddamn I wanna throw some money at this hot young talent. so thought I better show them where to stick it,

16th September

Sacred and the profane for you all today. Taiwan Jimmy returns with more stories of fabulous meats of the east, while Andy explains Calvin Johnson He's also added some terse fiction in Stroop's big Briney and sent a load of little people he found in his old skechbook. I in turn have turned it into a pitch for a hit Youth TV show "The Comets".( y'know like the Young Meteors only more chipper and with no ambition) Bingo. Megabucks.

10th September

Finally got a menu bar in this damn thing so you can find your way about in it

Content wise- we-ve got three new contenders in the pop shots

Big thanks to superfriends of the 'Lunch Everett, Danya and Catherine of Careless Talk Cost Lives and The Legend! who have put us as a recommended site on their totallyradio webpage. I can in reurn only implore you all to catch the rare and beautiful thing that is a The Legend! gig if the bandwagon rolls into town.

Met up at weekend for Calvin Johnson gig, me and Andy reminded ourselves that we've actually got tons of stuff to chuck on this site. So keep it coming......

3rd September

Feverishly trying to send illustrations off to sleazenation and neomu so am super damn busy. found time to update "The Likes" Andy made me put some more of my crap into it. Loads more links in it. Some of them are real peaches too.

Sorry Catherine. can't find the original file of our stats so i'll ust have to re-attribute your quote its "pin your vision on it" not your dream. you cynic.

It shows what happens when you start moving away from HTML . Its all about the words dammit. Try and introduce some actual typography (comic sans and everything) into it and your screwed. Its like gothamburg all over again.

30 August

My wayward pal Jim has just contacted me from Taiwan. Go see

27 August

Me and Andy rarely meet face to face so most of the thinking behind this site goes on in emails: click to your right to read the edited unedited skinny on what we're hip to

24rd August

Hope bank holiday was all gravy.

Leslie Gilotti of Playlouder has emailed details of the Intensive Care annual boat party next friday to the warren. Last year they had the Kills- this year its Razorlight+loads of shit hot dj's.

I've just seen Pirates of the Carribean and so am bang up for it

Also had a bit of a general spruce up of the place- and have put in some more links of note. building bridges peeps.

also go see four bands so goddamn hip they don't even exist yet. Meanspirited (we both love you really luscious jackson) but fun. more as andy sends the pics

10th August

Well new writing on here. A song from Andy and a slightly embarrassing bit of opinion I didn't have the heart to drown in the bucket outside. Also say hello to rod. who contributes a lovely rubbing of a malted milk biscuit . I've also put all of the archived writing on one page. Ignore any hierarchical order until I figure out a more egalitarian way to present it chronologicaly.

9th August

We've finally set a counter up from Saturday night as our free-ass server won't give us stats unless we pay them- so keep clicking and boost our ratings into, oooh, double figures.

See that lovely button to our right. click on it and go see some lovely animation that me and Andy are working on. I've just started a new job so its taking longer than it should so go look and give us your feedback on how it should go xxx

Stuff from my mate Rod and new words this week I promise so come back soon!

31 July

Review of the brilliant new Cex album and a humble plea to the equally talented Max Tundra in toms words


Shop finally up. Range is currently two t-shirts- one from me and one from Andy. Go buy!

The warren now has its own chatroom for discussing clubs listed. Also available is a downloadable flyer so we can all get this thing going. Print them out on your night and give them to your friends.

24 July

Just look at that makeover. Ooooh yeah. Shop in progress. Andy's done some delightfully miserable t-shirts. Gotta post them up. Flash animation (based on andy's illustrations)and new backgrounds by me. Waiting the new shit from Andy. Done more writing. A lovely short story I found in the back of an exercise book and some pretentious crap I did in Brighton

23 July. Andy's quote of the day:

"And talking of penile tendrils on teevee yesterday, there was an interview with disgraced ex-Tory MP, Jonathon Aitken, regarding Jeffrey ArcherŐs release from prison and the interviewer asked Jonathan if he had any advice for his erstwhile chum and Jonny came out with the legend: For goodness sakes, Jeffrey, dont be a double richard - and that really is the best advice I can leave you with. What it means is... richard as in richard the third as in bird as in a prison sentence i.e. dont serve your sentence twice: once on the inside and then again through recrimination and anger on the outside. Mind you, richard the third might also be taken to mean, in this context, turd as in shit as in fecal matter as in poo poo as in plop plops."

13 JULY:

Andy gives the old-timers feedback on my spritely appraisal of eighties miserablists. new words from him as well.

The warren gets its very own messageboard. To discuss featured clubs or the Hotlunch site as a whole go here (actually no it needs some last minute tweeking)

New Links page


Some words up... go see.

4 JULY: Thanks Andy for the new pics.

Hot Lunch has now adopted a new child. The Warren. Found wandering around on its own after being negected by its last home tjhooked.20megsfree.com its come to stay for a while and we hope you'll all help to make it feel at home. Basically its a listings page for micro clubs in London so if you run a -200 capacity regular night and want the press send us the details.

The front page has also had a revamp

The design daddy's site- mrthomaswhitehead.co.uk has also got a couple of new features. A page of CD covers he's made for his own entertainment and a hidden flash movie detailing some of his most intimate design preoccupations. go see.