collaborative stuff:

1.The Likes

The skinny on whats the real shit

2. The Pop Shot

Yep. We know. We'd probably buy them all if they were in the Wire

3. The Comets

andy's rightings: 4 and counting

1.What is this? It shure better not be poetry boy.

Making the last Mars Volta album seem like Alan Stilltoe

2.The Growler

And a song and all

3. Stroop Wentzel's Big Briney

4.Calvin Johnson Primer

gratis factsfun for those who need it

thomas's rightings: 7up

1.fareham station.

blow me! its a short story. thought i'd have a crack.

2.musical concerns 1.

bleating on about my favourite subject

3.godzilla dialectics.

pretentious crap from the archive

4.CEX "Being Ridden" review

5.After Max Tundra's "Gondry"

tribute to a tribute

6.It evidently came out in the wash

self-pity I found on my harddrive from way back. no sodding idea who it refers to. they say you've got to laugh. they're idiots.

7.Enough Bleating on about how Hoxton's over already

Christ, I'm going to get savaged for this

other stuff:

1.Our Friends in the North, and Taiwan

Involuntary contributions from Jim and Dan abroad and Rod in Scotland