After much discussion on playlouder... a site chatroom I hold in strong regard, It was agreed that......

a. big clubs in london are bad. and full of bad people.

b. it is really hard to promote a new night in London

And so here is an answer of sorts. Send me the details of your night- with a few pics (200pixel squares please) and we'll compile the definitive list of good clubs in London.( Good meaning not having to part with large denominational notes to get in, get frotted by armani clad euro-trash on the dance-floor or queue outside while some fashion hag inspects your dress-( unless all this is part of the unique appeal of your night in which case go for it... ) London only please. I'm not totally metrocentric but this is an answer to a specific London problem. You Cardiff kids don't know how easy you've got it.

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NAME: Deadleg Sessions
LOCATION: Detroit Bar Covent Garden
DATE: First and Third Wednesday of the Month
SUMMARY: Disco Veteran Bill Dup and young upstart Floyd"Hooked" Feral play dirty sexy music in a posh cocktail bar that looks not unlike the Mos Eisley Cantina bar.Bespoke (and reasonably priced) cocktails courtesy of Tony Conigliaro and co. (Theme magazine.) Second night a real celebrity came down with a camera crew and everything but I couldnt for the life of me say who she was as I had been drinking tequila and coke-post-mix out of a tea cup all night.
FAVOURITE RECORDS: Zongamin, Loose Joints, Buffalo Girls, Justin Timberlake, Fat Truckers, !!!, Gwen Guthrie, ACDC
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NAME: the nite
LOCATION: white-horse/ brixton hill/tube:brixton
DATE: Thursday 19th June/8-1
SUMMARY: Those in the know will have heard that one of Shoreditch's best kept secrets have moved south of the river to bring Brixton a bit of dub, disco and boogie - and who is it those who don't may ask - well it's the Supernature firm, now becoming well established favourites at the White Horse with their new night. And if the Supernature mob can't jump-start your weekend early who can? June 19th sees the double act kicking off the weekend for those who like to start early with inimitable panache with a free night of their trademark disco, jazz, house, soul, beatdown and boogie. As always it's free to get in, and kicks off from 8pm going on until 1am. And who cares if you've got work to get up for on Friday? There's no excuse not to join the best free party in the south!
FAVOURITE RECORDS: Moodymann, Metro Area, Don Ray, Dwele, Taana Gardner, Thomas Bangalter


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Both Led Zeppelin and the Velvet Underground named a song after the ocean. There's an alright venue in Hackney called that, too. In honour of such maritime rock lore, we at Intensive Care have decided to take to the high seas once again for THE FOURTH ANNUAL INTENSIVE CARE BOAT PARTY!!! We're happening on Friday 29th August, from 8pm till 2pm. For those who've been in previous years, it's the same boat, same departure points, same best night of the year (however badly we organise it) - and the same price, just 15 quid. If you haven't been before, we have to explain that, although you're our friend, everyone has to pay for their ticket. That's how we pay for the boat hire (which is extortionate) and all the other overheads. It's a break-even operation, which is made worthwhile by us all getting together, having long heartfelt conversations and promptly torpedoing all memory of them from our consciousness with hard liquor. Can't wait! There will be DJ nonsense all night from ourselves - the Declan-Perry-Fraser axis - plus we have guests Pete Jobson (I Am Kloot), James Endeacott (Rough Trade) and Man Shandy aka Beefy 'Bull (X-Ray) and Leslie Gilotti of PlayLouder and mad house party fame. Last year, The Kills played live, and we will have a fantastic band playing again. We're not announcing who they are for a week [er, they've announced it and it's razorlight], so that you good people have a chance to buy tickets before 'gig' people get wind of it. Take it as read - they're hot, and the tickets will sell super-fast once word gets out. SoSˇSˇSˇget your wallet out, and act now. You will not regret it

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