CONTACT PAGES Andy is a very, very talented illustrator and a rather funny man. Seriously- looking through his sketchbooks is an uncomfortable endoscopy through the lower bowel of the human condition. As far as I remember Andy likes a wide array of music made by unwashed greasers in garages, Daniel Clowes, fags and troublesome girls. Although he'll probably phone me up and inform me that this is all untrue

Thomaswill shortly be leaving Soho, the source of nearly all his agitation and absoltely none of his creativity. Tom likes playing rambunctious electronic music in clubs, Pink Grease, Toah Dynamic, Magic Tape and the Salt Liquorice he steals off his icelandic flatmate. (no longer allowed due to blood pressure problems)

If you see him in the club buy him a treacle (dark rum old fashioned with lemon peel / splash of apple) or his isgniture drink the severin sour- a liquorice whiskey sour.

come into his life he's got so much give to love